RESERVES: Titans Tumble SwansThursday, June 1, 2017 - 3:13 PM

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Titans Tumble Swans - written by Sandra Argese

Holding their opponents scoreless for an entire second half, the Coastal Titans have walked away from Sunday nights arm-wrestle with Swan Districts 21 point winners.  

Heading into round eight sitting in second and third position and both at five wins and two losses a piece, the two top four favourites clashed heads at Grenville oval on Sunday afternoon.

A game bursting with defensive pressure from both ends kept the scores down, but maintained a high intensity that ran hot for four gritty quarters of footy.

Renee Holwill opened the contest with a Swans goal, but the show was immediately stolen by Titan Danielle Fagents who took control of the first quarter. Her textbook snap around the body for her first major was one for the highlights reel. She then followed up the superb effort by nailing a set shot for her second to put the Titans 9 points up at the first break.

In a heavily contested ‘hot potato’ like term, countless stoppages wretched open the game. Kathleen Prosser nailed the Swans’ only major for the second term. Though notching up a higher amount of entries inside 50, the Titans couldn’t apply scoreboard pressure and gave the Swans a sniff at half time as both teams went into the main change at 16 points a piece.

Staying true to the classic style of the third ‘premiership quarter,’ Titan Jacqueline Toth put in her bid for 'best on ground' with a complete domination of the term that inevitably won the game for her side. She was the player behind the Titans’ first major since the opening term, even then proceeding to bang on two more goals  in style – one from a neat set shot and the other a contested soccer goal that sailed straight through the middle of goal.

Down the other end, the Swans score remained unchanged.

With the coaches’ message at three quarter time to “not give the Swans a sniff,” the Titans held their opponents scoreless in the final term to run out 21 point winners. Match play was suspended minutes before the final siren after a huge 'flying over the pack' marking contest ended badly for one player that ultimately saw the game called off. 

Despite the Titans’ domination on the inside 50 count, the Swans’ left the game with encouraging signs of quality defensive pressure and a high tackle count to their name.


Coastal Titans: 2.3 (15) 2.4 (16) 5.5 (35) 5.7 (37)
Swan Districts: 1.0 (6) 2.4 (16) 2.4 (16) 2.4 (16)


Coastal Titans: Jacqueline Toth (3), Danielle Fagents (2)
Swan Districts: Kathleen Prosser, Renee Holwill.


The Titans will be looking to help themselves to top spot on the ladder should they upset South Fremantle at Grenville Oval on Sunday, while Swan Districts will go in favourites against East Fremantle.